About Us

Africa Bright Consulting (ABC) is a consulting firm founded by young Africans who believe in Africa, its resources, its potential and its transformative capacity to face the challenges of the millennium.

Our firm's mission is to contribute to the development of the African continent by making sure to attract development partners and the necessary financing for the realization of structuring projects in various fields, mainly in the priority sectors (road infrastructures, Energies , Education, housing, ...)

Our Services

Areas of expertise:

Business relationship

  • To generate business opportunities in various fields
  • To communicate practical information on investment opportunities
  • To create business contacts for natural and legal persons operating with Africa


  • Pre-selection of promoters' economic and social projects
  • Project structuring
  • Seeking funding from bilateral or multilateral donors
  • Support to implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Economic studies

  • Economic policies and development management
  • Country risk assessment, (political, legal, commercial, etc.)

Financial studies

  • Feasibility
  • Financing plan
  • etc.

Social studies

  • Social impact of projects
  • Development of human capital, ...


Strategy consulting

  • Corporate strategy
  • Public strategy
  • Private & public sector management

Financial advice

  • Due diligence
  • Fundraising (debt, equity)
  • Financial engineering
  • Merger-acquisition (advising seller, buyer).


West and Central Africa

  • Ivory Coast
  • Burkina Faso
  • Benin
  • Guinea Conakry
  • Togo
  • Mali
  • Cameroun
  • Niger
  • Nigeria, ..

Trust in Africa

All recent economic studies on the continent must give a smile to Africans. The continent is becoming a land of emergence and increased potentialities (yes that's the word).


Here are in 10 good reasons for the next African takeoff.

  • Everything is to be rebuilt in Africa, in all areas. Meaning, there are as many possibilities to create wealth as individuals.
  • People are learning more and more. A new middle class is emerging. As a result, purchasing power increases. (Luxury cars and villas in the everyday lives of people who work hard for assets, far from ill-gotten gains.) It's also a huge consumer market for the next twenty years! With already now 1.1 billion people just waiting to see their potential explode.
  • Africa also has a soil rich in mines and oil. Large exporter of raw materials and representing 30% of the world's mineral reserves. As an indication, Africa has 80% of the world's diamond reserves and 40% of gold reserves. In other words, Africa is rich within it.
  • A conscious generation is rising up and knows what it wants politically and socially.
  • Africa is open to the world, and thanks to the new information technologies, Africans are opening up to infinite new horizons on the internet. They are nonetheless consumers as producers of content and technology. A diverse and quality press like Jeune Afrique, a presence in social networks.
  • The continent's economic growth is generally dynamic and satisfactory over the last ten years. Next year it will be around 5% despite some uncertainties.
  • The continent is banking on spaces of exclusive innovations, such as Nairobi, the Silicon Valley of Africa. Where young people wake up each morning to create the apps of tomorrow, some of which already appeal to the community.
  • African cultural production is becoming increasingly international. African fashion, art and music are shaking up standards and opening up new perspectives for the artistic professions.
  • Telecommunications and cinema are big sectors of the future, just to see the emergence of tools and the profitability of the cinematographic machine.
  • Malaria and infant mortality are declining. People benefit from medical advances.

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Localisation : Côte d'Ivoire, Abidjan
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Email : infos@africabrightconsulting.com